Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Basic Concept of Electric Circuit

Subdivision in Electrical Engineering

Communication systems
Computer systems
Control systems
Power systems
Signal processing

Electric Current

The time rate of flow of electrical charge passing through a predetermined area of a conductor.
The unit is in Ampere [A]
Constant current of 1[A]=1[C/s]

Fluid Flow Analogy

Electrical circuits are analogous to fluid flow systems.
Battery = Pump
Conductors (Copper wires)=pipes
Current=Flow rate of the fluid
Voltage=Pressure difference between points in the fluid circuit

Kirchhoff’s Current Law(KCL)

A node in an electrical circuit is a point at which two ore more circuit elements are joined together.
The net current entering a node is zero.
Current entering---------- (+)
Current leaving------------ (-)
Another way to state KCL: The sum of currents entering a node equals the sum of currents leaving a node.
No current is lost around the closed circuit
The sum of the currents at a node must equal to zero

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